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Craig Lynch Homes in Mildura

Multi-stage pricing

Craig offers a building drafting service, from the development of your sketch plans, right through to working drawings. This incorporated with multi-stage pricing, keeps the client’s plans in line with their precise budgets. Craig can provide quotes from standard plans or change them to suit individual needs of the client or block sizing restrictions. 

Early stage planning

One of the keys to success has been the particular focus placed on putting Craig's clients at the centre of every stage of the building process. We’ll work with right from the early stages to ensure you’re completely happy with the process. From the signing of all building contracts, to communication throughout, Craig is always available from start to end.

Experienced tradesmen

Craig has consistently employed his team of local tradesman that he has worked with across his 30 years in the business. By combining their skills and working as a team, we both provide and deliver the highest standard of finishes. 

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